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MCS Installer

MCS Installer  - This is a suitably qualified and approved installer for a range of MCS measures to help make your property more energy efficient.

Search for a MCS Installer today using the search box on the right of this page. We have local MCS installers across the UK who are certified to carry out home improvements to help make your property more energy efficient. Your local MCS Advisor may also help recommend a local MCS Installer who is capable of installing the most appropriate measures to make your property energy effecient.

You can view a full list of MCS measures which can help make your property energy efficient. Click here to see the latest detailed list.

In order to qualify for MCS funding or ECO funding you must use an approved / certified MCS Installer. If you have not yet had your property  assessed, you should first ensure you talk to a MCS Assessor Organisation. They will arrange for one of their MCS Advisors to visit your property, assess where you are currently inefficient and where improvements can be made. They will review all of the available and approved MCS Measures. You will probably be familiar with measures such as double glazing, loft insulation and gas boilers; but there are also many many more energy saving measures available as part of the MCS package. Click here for the latest list.

Once you have been approved for funding, the MCS Provider will pay to have a MCS Installer visit your home and supply and fit energy efficient measures. You may have more than one MCS installer depending on which measures are required.